Things To Keep In Mind While Making Transactions Through Payment Gateways

A payment gateway is a software that interfaces a payment between an e-commerce website and a customer’s preferred mode of payment in a secure manner. The customers can make payments through either their bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, or any online wallets. To know how to operate a payment gateway click the link given below:

Any online payment becomes easier if done through the payment gateways in India. They are designed in such a way that they accept several types of electronic payments. This relieves you of the burden of setting up and running the software or other issues connected with making online payments. Payment gateways in India act as a boon for solving payment-related issues at one go, which becomes quite beneficial for many small e-commerce businesses. But there are also certain things that you should keep in mind for smooth processing of transactions through any of the payment gateways in India, or, it can lead to transaction-related disputes with customers.

Things You Should Consider Before Transactions Through Payment Gateway Processors

Before you start making any transactions through these online payment gateways in India, you must know how they work. This will help you in choosing a suitable payment gateway for your e-commerce business platforms.

The main reason merchants opt for payment gateway processors is to get a hassle-free experience in terms of payment. It securely transfers the credit card details from a website to the credit card payment network in order to process the payment. Then it sends the transaction details from the particular payment network back to the website within a few moments. But to make the transaction process run smoothly, the merchants must keep these factors in mind before they choose a particular payment gateway:


Before choosing any of the payment gateways of India, this is the foremost thing that you should keep in mind. The payment gateway you are choosing should use encrypted software to process payments. You have to make sure that the payment gateway processor you are using is certified for information security standards like PCI-DSS. It is only then your transactions will be safe.

Appropriate Payment Flow

To make your transaction process smooth and hassle-free, you must choose a payment gateway that can scale along with your transactions requirements in an effortless way. If your payment gateway system provides you with advanced features like iFrame or escrow system, it will speed up the transaction process to a great extent.

Processing Fees

This is also an essential aspect that merchants keep in mind while choosing payment gateways in India. Processing fees are based on a lot of factors, one among them is the type of transactions that are done in e-commerce businesses. If it is not checked, they might claim additional charges for their services.

Payment Gateway Should Accept All Types Of Cards/Payments

This is an essential aspect that you should keep in mind before choosing a payment gateway processor. It often happens that your business dealings are in international currencies, or the customers make their payments through different cards. It is the universality of your payment gateways that will ensure the smooth transaction processings.

Easy Fund Managements and Success Rates

Many e-commerce business platforms often face the problems of failed transactions or user-drops. So it is very important that you choose a payment gateway whose success rates of the transaction are high and the entire processing happens in a seamless manner. The merchants should therefore opt for a payment gateway that provides easy management options for payouts, disbursements, and refunds.

Payment gateways provide an entryway for you where you can safely transact your money from one source to another. So while the process is smooth, quick and safe, you need to keep in mind certain factors regarding the payment gateway you are using. Once you get sure that the above-mentioned payment gateway things are well-understood, only then should you be using the gateway.

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