Airtel Payments Bank Helps You Save Money with Its Offers

Airtel Payments Bank is the 1st public limited bank that got a license from the Reserve Bank of India. A subsidiary bank of Bharti Airtel, Airtel Payments Bank’s headquarter, is in Delhi. After the 1st launch of this Payment Bank, it received huge popularity among people. 1st it was launched in Rajasthan, but later branches of Airtel Payment Bank spread all over the world. Various features contribute to making Airtel Payment Bank one of the most used payment banks. Because of these features, customers save a certain amount of their money on each payment.

Different Features:

  • The customer gets points:

With each purchase or withdrawal from one’s Airtel Payments Bank, the customer gets Airtel to Airtel free talk time. With each 1 rupee withdrawal, they get 1 minute talk time.

  • Transaction amount:

In all other payment banks, people can successfully transact a maximum of 20,000 rupees per month. But in Airtel Payments Bank, a customer can make transactions up to 1 lakh.

  • Great interest rate:

Each customer, who wants to open their account in Airtel Payments Bank, can get a 7.25% interest rate. This is quite high, with all the added benefits.

  • Insurance policy

The bank not only offers a great interest rate, but it also offers an insurance policy of 1 lakh rupees in case of an accident or any mishap.

  • Very secured for transaction

To make a payment, Airtel Payments Bank requires few steps to be followed that include OTP verification, mobile number verification, customer verification, and others. So the site is very secured and no chance of data-stealing can occur.

  • 24/7 helpline:

This is one of the prime reasons behind Airtel Payments Bank’s popularity. The helpline is always open and the employees are very helpful and skilled. They always try their level best to help their customers.

Various payments that can be done:

Airtel Payments Bank lets one pay online bills with a lot of exciting offers. Nowadays, paying bills offline seems to be too long and complicated. Collecting the hard copy of a bill and then traveling to the office to pay the bill takes too much time. So now, with Airtel Payments Bank, we can make phone prepaid and postpaid bill payment, electricity bill payment, water bill payment, gas bill payment, landline bill payment, and others successfully. On each payment, Airtel Payments Bank gives the customer some cashback offers or some other schemes to save their money.

Benefits of Airtel Payments Bank:

  • Online payment takes less time
  • Airtel Payments Bank is very secured
  • It saves our hard-earned money
  • There are many exciting offers to choose from
  • The payment procedure is quite simple
  • Very fewer payment failures occur
  • In case of pending or failure payments, they solve the issue as soon as possible.

Thus with all the features and benefits, people are using Airtel Payments Bank more to make secure online payments.

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