Interesting Syracuse New York History

What is there to do in Syracuse, New York? Wasn’t there a Syracuse in Greece? Why should someone move to the great city of Syracuse, New York?

Ancient Syracuse

There are many American cities and states that were named after former cities in Europe. You might think of New York and New Jersey, which were named after areas in England. So, was there an ancient city of Syracuse in Italy or Greece?

Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

Yes, there was a city called Syracuse that was 33 miles (53 kilometers) south of Catania, Italy. In ancient days, it was an important Greek city. Eventually, the Romans took it over and it is part of Italy presently.

Corinthians Settled Syracuse

From 415 to 413 B.C., ancient Syracuse defeated the Athenians during the Peloponnesian War. Dionysius even invaded the Italy and controlled that space before the rise of Rome. So, Syracuse had a very important history.

Syracuse, New York

The New York version of Syracuse was carved out of the Onondaga Nation of the Native-Americans, incorporated as a village in 1825. Syracuse is at the juncture of many railroads and the Erie Canal. This has made the city a very important economic center.

Other Names for Syracuse

The town named Syracuse has a nickname of the “Salt City.” Before it became Syracuse, it went through a number of different names: Salt Point, Webster’s Landing, Bogardus Corners, Milan, South Salina, Cossit’s Corners and Corinth. Many of these names suggest a large Italian-American population.

Economic Developments of Syracuse

Besides salt, Syracuse was also a center for manufacturing. The Franklin Automobile Company produced the first air-cooled engine in the world. The Century Motor Vehicle Company was headquartered here.

Syracuse University

You might have remembered Syracuse quarterback Donovan McNabb. The Syracuse University was established in 1870 by Methodists and Episcopalians. The Syracuse football team has defeated Western Michigan 55-42 to start the 2018 – 2019 college season off right.

What to Do in Syracuse

Besides watching Syracuse football and basketball games, you can go to the New York State Fair. The Everson Museum of Art has many amazing exhibits. You could take the children to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Erie Canal Museum, Landmark Theatre or Onondaga Lake Park.

Syracuse Home Ownership

After finding the best mortgage rates in syracuse ny, you will have a great location to raise your family. Syracuse home ownership places you in a city with an interesting history. There are plenty of parks to explore.

Distance to New York City

Home to about 145,000 residents, Syracuse is a nice change from the hustle and bustle of New York City. Syracuse is about 246 miles northwest of New York City. So, if you are interested, you could make it a day trip.

Syracuse Power

The legacy of Syracuse is very powerful. You can settle down and find a good home in Syracuse, NY. And when you do this you will know that you have planted yourself in a place that you can learn much from.


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