Is It Wise To Take Out a Personal Loan for a Vacation?

A vacation essentially means that you escape to someplace where you can rest for your tired feet and soul. Perhaps to some pristine beaches with aquamarine waters to kiss your feet or maybe enjoying an adrenaline rush on the snow capped mountain peaks at the ski resort.

So, vacation or holiday means being stress-free. But if you have the burden of borrowed money lingering on your mind always, will you be able to enjoy the vacation? The answer is “No”. So, if you can afford to set off for a holiday on your own, it is the best idea, else you can wait for some time till you accumulate funds. And even if you have to wait for a while, it is sure to pay-off.

Personal loan with bad credit

If you plan to take out a personal loan with bad credit, you might get one, but the terms and conditions that will govern the loan account will compel you to think twice before settling the deal. With bad credit, your chances of getting better rates reduce to a great extent.

And since personal loans are, in most instances, unsecured, that is they do not require collateral, and your lender will want to secure his investment by charging high APR or Annual Percentage Rate and interest rates.

What if there is emergency travel?

You might have to travel to a place for emergency purposes, like visiting a medical practitioner from another state or country, to be beside your near and dear ones to be present for a religious gathering or to see an ailing loved one. If you require cash and you do not have an excellent credit to boast of, you can be tempted to apply for a loan. However, it is best to keep at bay emergency travel loans for bad credit.

One of the main reasons is that you will not get better terms and rates. And by the time you have closed your loan account, you will find that you have paid much more than the principal amount. So, there is no point in taking out a loan for which you will regret later on.

What is the solution if you have to travel for emergency conditions and your credit history does not support you?

Check out a few ways in which you can make your emergency travel affordable.

Online reservation

Most of the hotels allow you to book your accommodation using plastic cards, credit cards to be precise. However, few hotels also welcome debit cards. And if you have adequate balance in your bank account, it should not be a problem. Alternatively, you can browse through various travel and hotel booking websites that will offer cheaper rates that you can afford. There are tools available online that will help you to compare prices and quality of services.

Car rental

If you have to use a rental car service provider, it is better to pay your bill with a debit card. And this is mainly the deposit amount that you must keep with the rental company and this is usually between USD 200 and USD 500. Most importantly, using your debit card is also proof of insurance for the vehicle you are using to travel.

Just make sure that you do not go overboard with debit card usage as the issuing bank might block your card if it finds that you have been making too many transactions across borders, international or national.

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