The Art of Negotiating an Increment

You see the calm tides of financial stability, turning into a tsunami of crisis that could drown you and cause severe damage to you and your assets, what lifesaving methods you resort to? Put simply, how do you intend to balance your budget?

Option A:  You can shorten your expenditure. A method that requires carefully planned cost cutting and discipline, but pays off well in the long run as positive results are sure when a proper amount of the budget goes into savings.

Option B: You can negotiate for a raise in your income. Even though you get used to saving money, a raise in income ensures a raise in the savings if the expenditure remains constant.

Well, the issue at hand is that a raise or an increment in salary is difficult to obtain since, money drives every being in the society, employers included and they usually loathe raising the salary of anyone who puts a plea into their ears. Therefore, a suitable skill set is required to fulfill one’s desire of having an increment.

Research is an important factor when it comes to negotiations. A proper inspection must be performed on how much money the people having the same job are making in the proximity. If there are similar job opportunities nearby, one should not hesitate to switch firms/companies. Online search, especially on job search websites ensures proper data on such parameters and one should possess the risk taking spirit by showing interest in other similar recruiters as well. Applications to a better offer should be processed and a contact network of interested employers helps in curbing the desperation of losing the job while negotiating a hike in salary.

Another tactic that can be adopted is an extravagant display of positive performance during the past. Hike in sales records, cracking highly beneficial deals, a professionally successful project, etc. should be brought to the boss’ notice while negotiating a raise to demonstrate your importance to the firm. The superior authorities tend to handle highly beneficial employees with great care and avoid losing them to a competing firm; therefore, they can go to lengths like raising the income of such an employee. While negotiating, past records can be ameliorated by providing scenarios for future potential. Moreover, this method ensures a stronghold position in the workplace and in the eyes of the employer.

Silence can do wonders. Even while negotiations, one should not name a price first and let the employer state their quotation. Not only while recruitment, but also during a hike negotiation, keeping calm and thinking rationally can provide desirable results. One must ask for a reasonable price rather than naming the price itself and should never settle for the first offer even if it sounds tempting. A deep breath, followed by a query regarding room for negotiations can be monetarily beneficial and will display one’s confidence to the employers or recruiters.

In case of a negative response, a burst of outrage should be avoided. Nevertheless, asking once creates opportunities for future negotiations.

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