March 8th is one of the most celebrated days throughout the world as international women’s day. This day shows the struggle of women to get their rights and fight against gender inequality. People think of this day as just another day, but this day is extraordinary in reality.

International women’s day is celebrated throughout the world to remove gender inequality. This day also serves some other purposes, some of which are listed as follows.

Ø  To promote gender equality and discourage inequality.

Ø  To help in fundraising for charities.

Ø  To commemorate the Women’s struggle and their achievements.

Ø  To promote women’s rights.

Protect yourself by protecting your Eyes:

Considering that the world is modernized and most of the work is done digitally. Many people suffer from eye problems caused by working or studying for more extended periods; This leads to dry eyes and strained eyes; in extreme cases, it can lead to weak eyesight.

Working on a computer or any other digital device for a longer period can lead to Digital eye syndrome, which can deteriorate your health.  This can be prevented by minimizing your screen time and taking occasional breaks and blinking more to avoid dry eyes.

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  1. Gucci GG0516S

Gucci GG0516S is one of the best glasses at the SmartBuy Glasses store. These glasses come in a rectangular frame, have a very sleek design, and give you a premium feel. These frames are best suited for oval face type.

These glasses have a Gray frame and silver lenses; the Gucci’s G logo on both sides symbolizes luxury and class. 

  1.     SmartBuy Collection Chant

Transparent frame glasses are one of the most versatile and stylish glasses; they go well with just about anything. They are stylish and evergreen; they are also in the moment in 2021.

At SmartBuy Glasses store you can get these glasses for just 270SEK. It would be best if you considered getting these glasses because not only will they elevate your style but also help people in Zambia through the Mother and Child program.

  1.     Arise Collective Patras C4

These are one of the best glasses and are best suited for all types of face types. They have a metallic frame and purple lenses, which make your everyday brighter as well as protect you from harmful UV rays.

Purple is one of the colors that signify international Women’s day, showing dignity and justice. SmartBuy Glasses is also offering a 2-year Warranty on these glasses.

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