7 ways that a cash advance can help your company

Having financial flexibility is always important if you want to sustain the growth and expansion of your business. A Business Cash Advance can be one of the best ways to achieve this flexibility, especially when you need quick access to capital. It is easier to qualify for this type of loan than the traditional bank loans and the quick cash injection into your company can help you in difficult times. The following are some of the best ways a cash advance can help your company;

Helps You Expand Your Company

If your business is booming through an increase in demand for your product or services, a cash advance can help you expand your business to meet the new demands. With a cash advance, you can enlarge or renovate your current premises, take on more staff, or even move to a larger space. If rent is currently out of your financial reach, the cash advance can help you settle such immediate issues without putting a stop to your services.

You may not necessarily need a cash advance to expand your company, but even minor brush-ups such as the redesigning or relaunching of your company may require an injection of cash. You may want to upgrade or change your business decoration, themes and appeal to make it more exciting but all these will require some investments. Funding the redesigning of your image will make a lasting impression on potential and existing clients.

Helps you Cover Payroll

If your company had a slow month with sales down on what they should be or your client’s payment has not come through as expected, you can use a Business Cash Advance to pay your employees while waiting for your sales to catch up or for outstanding payments to be made. If you fail to pay your employees on time, you risk losing them and their goodwill, in which case a business cash advance is preferable to not making the payment at all.

Helps you Pay Off Surprise or Urgent Expenses

A lot of things can go wrong suddenly in business. In fact, it is quite rare for things to go smoothly for long without the occasional hitch. Slow sales, equipment breakdowns, production stoppage, theft, and even natural disasters can cause unexpected expenses to spring up. If you are not prepared for unexpected expenses, a Cash Advance can help you cover you the shortfall and ensure that you meet your financial obligations.

Helps You Stock Up on Your Inventory

If your business is about selling products, you will know the importance of keeping your stock levels up in order to meet customer demands. It is important that you ensure your inventory levels are healthy as you can’t generate new sales if you don’t have the products in stock. If you don’t meet the supply needs of your customers, they may find a new supplier. You can rely on a Cash Advance if you want to keep your inventory stocks high. Such a loan will ensure that you don’t run out of products and lose customers.

Helps you Purchase New Equipment

At some point in time, you will probably want to replace old and obsolete equipment with new equipment that is more reliable, more efficient and more advanced. By updating your  technology, you are able to go for equipment that will increase production and keep you at the top of your game, so helping you to expand your sales and share of the market. If you are short of cash to purchase new equipment, you can apply for a Cash Advance to meet the cost of new equipment for your company. Whether you require new computer hardware and software, mobile phones, vehicles or machinery to support your company operations, a Cash Advance can help you achieve your growth.

In addition to purchasing new equipment, you may need a Cash Advance for product development. Product development requires that you test a newly developed product before launching, and that may require a large capital investment.

Helps You Hire New Employees

If your business is witnessing sharp growth and development, or you just need more manpower to make it run smoothly, you can rely on a Cash Advance to help you hire new employees. It may be that you need to fill a certain skills shortage in your business which is presently holding you back. When you have more capable hands on deck, you are able to take your business to the next level.

Helps you Pay Off Existing Debt

For many company owners, paying off an existing debt while running a business can be a very difficult thing to do. Your company can accrue debts from existing loans, taxes or suppliers, and all these taxes can put enormous pressure on your company’s finances. Failure to repay your debts can lead to increased expenses due to late payment fees. A Cash Advance can provide relief in the face of existing debts by giving you the capital to pay for such expenses while you increase sales and generate more income to help balance things in the future. A business defaulting on taxes can also make use of Cash Advance to pay off such taxes to avoid late penalty fees.


Though it is easier to qualify for Business Cash Advance than a traditional loan, and it comes with a number of benefits, it is still important to compare all your options before settling for a lender. You can apply for this type of loan online and it can be granted very fast if you qualify. You need to keep in mind that some Cash Advance loans offer discounts on interest rates for early repayment, therefore you may want to take up a loan you can easily repay on time.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a perfect credit score to get a Business Cash Advance. Most lenders will accept a credit rating that is lower than that asked for by banks when applying for a traditional loan. Business Cash Advances are therefore advantageous in many ways.

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